Monday, June 19, 2017

Last week I spent my time with the fashion department at Woman Magazine, studying journalism at university I am aiming to work in the fashion/ beauty magazine world and also possibly dabbling in a bit of public relations. I applied around Christmas for this position and was so pleased when it was offered to me, so I thought I would share with you my experience. 

DAY 1 - The first day was a bit of an introduction after finally finding the building, Canary Wharf is very confusing! I headed up to the office where I was met by Eloisa the styling assistant who gave me a quick tour of the office which was super nice, they're kitchen areas look like a showroom. Once the tour was over I was introduced to the two other interns Emma and Kiran who were so kind and welcoming. The first day was quite relaxed we were shown how to return the PR samples, organised the receipts and researched in the archives.

DAY 2 - My second day was a little busier, today I was actually put to sit with the fashion team, who were definitely not anything out of Devil wears prada. I was given general tasks of researching products for features, being on hand for anything any of the fashion girls needed, writing credits and also cleared out the styling area.

Day 3 - Each day was getting busier, today me and Emma made it our mission to have the styling area properly organised by the end of the week. Amongst doing other tasks that were needed we went through the whole cupboard and organised all the products into piles of to be returned, need to contact PRs, shop bought and cannot be returned.

Day 4 - Thursday was pretty much the same as the day before as we had a lot of returns to get through as well as unpacking the deliveries for the upcoming shoot on Monday. We also researched for the week in style page of the magazine searching for celebrities in certain outfits.

Day 5 - My last day at Woman, I was really sad to be leaving as it was such a good experience but I am so glad to be going back in October to help out again. We finalised organising the cupboard and spent the last few hours researching products that could be including in upcoming features.

Sonia x

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