Wednesday, July 05, 2017

I've been back from my holiday just over a week now and have finally got round to writing all the blog posts I want to do. Starting off with a photo diary, I did one last year when I went to corfu with the uni girls so this is just a brief over view of everything we did. We had the most amazing time, the hotel we stayed at was amazing (review coming soon) and now we really want to book a city break for October/ November so if you have any recommendations let me know!

DAY 1 & 2: 
We arrived at our hotel Dunas Suites and Villas in Maspalomas at around half 8 in the evening so we did really have a full day of travelling. The first night we didn't do much apart from going to dinner, having a glass of sangria and a quick explore round the hotel. The next morning we woke up super early 6am! I think me and Jack were both just super excited that we were finally on holiday together and wanted to start the day which obviously meant going for breakfast. We had quite a few relaxing days while we were away which is what we wanted so on our first full day we spent exploring our local town, the shops were amazing and grabbing a bit of lunch too.

DAY 3: 
One of my favourite days was the day we spent chilling on the beach, climbing the very high and hot sand dunes. We finished the day by going to the Moonlight cinema which if you go to Gran Canaria you have to go to! I stumbled across it when looking for things to do in the evening, it is super easy to find in Maspalomas and makes a very cute evening. Me and Jack watched the midnight showing of Fast and Furious 8 which was so good and was made even better watching it under the stars with a cosy blanket. Tickets cost €15 each and cocktails were €5 just like the freshly made popcorn. The owner Scott was super friendly and told me all the information I wanted before making a reservation, he even came to our seats to take our orders, as you just press a little light thats on the end of your sofas. 

DAY 4: 
There is nothing I love more than exploring new towns whether it be in the UK or abroad. I was super excited to visit Las Palmas as I had read online that it was very big and picturesque with a lot of cafes and buildings to explore. I also really wanted to go to Sephora but sadly we were a bit too far away. Although exploring the very pretty Cathedral and Christopher Columbus house with Jack was a lot more memorable. Even if we did bicker over the fact he wanted to walk in the opposite direction for a croissant. 

DAY 5: 
I think this was probably my second favourite day as we spent the day relaxing by the pool enjoying each others company. Then after our favourite time of day, dinner, we headed to Holiday World which is a fair and amusement arcade that also has bowling inside. We went in the evening so we would see all the pretty lights of the fair and enjoying going on bumper cars, he pirate ship, ferris wheel and playing some arcade games which of course I won. If you don't you believe me you can check Jacks vlogs. Ending a lovely evening with some candy floss. 

DAY 6:
Probably not the best day for me as after the boat trip we want on I became a little run down and very sea sick. The boat tour we went on wasn't the best in the way it was organised and could of seen a lot more on it but it was fun still. The boat trip we went on was called the Catamaran which cost us €70 this including the trip, lunch and drinks, a banana boat ride and supposedly stopping off at Amadores beach but we didn't do that. The highlight for me was going on the Jet Ski with Jack, I was so nervous about it but it definitely made the boat trip better. 

DAY 7: 
Day 7 was our anniversary day, we did plan on visiting El Bufadero but because I still felt a bit ill from the day before we decided that we would take the Go Pro down to the beach, catch some sun and spot some camels. We ended our last night by watching the entertainment at the hotel and getting a bit drunk. 

DAY 8:
Our final day which was very sad as we did not want to leave so we were already talking about the next holiday or short break we want to go on together. Jack was still looking a little pale, but I think he was just jealous of my tan to be honest so we spent the day catching some last minute sun before heading to the airport and spending our last euros in duty free. 


We had the most amazing time in Gran Canaria together, Jack will also be uploading vlogs from our trip too!

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