Tuesday, September 19, 2017

 Freshers and university is approaching which of course means I need to refresh my 'going out' wardrobe. MissGuided is my go to for bodysuits, dresses, skirts all those kind of things, I will probably even get my graduation dress from there too. I find some things can be hit or miss but if you know your size and shop with a reasonable price point then you will be all good.

The Little Black dress - there is now way you cannot have a LBD in your going out wardrobe, I actually bought this black bodycon dress last year in red. So obviously had to have it in black it fits like a glove and I love now that the straps are a little bit thicker, I'm thinking of picking it up in khaki and navy blue too.

Faux leather skirt - I never thought I would be a leather skirt kind of girl but I actually real love this one it is a pinky/grey sort of colour with a zip at the back. Its super easy to wear as it is quite a neutral colour, I'm sure I will be wearing it with bodysuits a lot like this plain scoop back one which I forgot to photograph. I actually returned a grey strap over bodysuit as it was just a bit too booby for me.

Cropped blouse - These are everywhere right now and I am so glad I picked this up as it can be worn dressy with a skirt or more casual for a cocktail evening with jeans. I also love that it is long sleeve so when its colder I won't be complaining as much in the oceana queue. I'm pretty sure its now in the sale too!

Satin drape black blouse - So I thought I would save my favourite piece till last and its something a bit different from what I would usually wear. It caught my eye as I was searching for a top that I could wear on a quiet drinks/ date night setting. The satin material is such good quality, I was expecting it to be a bit rougher but its so silky smooth, the tie bow detail I find makes it that little bit sophisticated. I would wear this paired with jeans and some lace up heels. 

Sonia x


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