As Sonia's Style is a PR friendly blog, this page is just a short disclaimer to let brands and you all to know what I share on my blog in regards to sponsored posts, samples and advertising.

Sponsored Posts
Sometimes I will include sponsored posts on my blog. These posts are only done if I feel they are relevant to the content of my blog. I will always tell you if I have been asked by a bran to write this post. I promise to always share my honest opinion too. 

I am happy to receive samples from brands if they fit in with the theme and content of my blog and if I will actually use them. When talking about the product I will be truly honest and say if I like it or not. Again, I will state in the post usually with a asterisk (*) if I have been asked to speak about that product.  

Adverts & Links
From 2016 I began to use google Adsense on my blog which is why you can see ads around my blog. This allows me to make a tiny bit of money if you click on those ads and you can do it too.

Looking to work with me?
I have had the pleasure to work with a few brands on my blog including FarFetch, Aisle Style, Zaful and Eventbrite. I always give my 100% honest opinion when working with brands as it is no different to when I don't work with them. If you wish to collaborate with me please email with blog collab in the subject. 


If you would like to contact me for any reason whether that is a business opportunity, information or just a chat feel free to email: